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At the confluence of marketing, advertising and technology, Zydeco Media delivers return on investment to our clients.

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About Us

We are business professionals first and foremost, maximizing client-centric thinking. We understand your investment with us must produce a positive return.

Whether launching or recasting a brand, building a new customer base or telling your brand’s story, strong business principles are applied in our methodology to yield the intended outcome. We work with a team of creatives, designers and programmers and guide their activities towards measurable results.

Founded in 2011 by Tripp Payne and Debi Stack, our business plan set out to provide social media management services to small businesses in a leveraged delivery model. We found our niche in the highly competitive local, independent restaurant industry in Dallas, TX and New Orleans, LA. We’ve had the honor to work with a number of iconic brands in both markets.

Over time, our portfolio of capabilities have grown and our clientele now includes professional services, hospitality, non-profits and financial services. As technology has evolved we are helping clients produce a return on investment using a strategically optimized mix of services to meet their financial goals.

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Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle Management enhances customer lifetime value (CLV), defined as the dollar value of a customer relationship, including repeat visits. It encourages businesses to shift their focus from short term promotions to the long-term health of their customer relationships. An estimation of CLV helps us set an upper limit on spending to acquire new customers.

Your sales and profit objectives drive the digital media budget. Conversion rates and Cost-Per-Click bids help us forecast the results and fine tune the campaign on a near real time basis.

Lead Generation

At Zydeco Media, we are shifting our clients from demand creation to demand capture. Most people start their pursuit of an idea, product or service on the web using a search engine like Google. We help you attract these propective leads using creative search terms and a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaign. Each campaign can be targeted narrowly or broadly. focused on a particular product/service or build awareness of the full scope of your portfolio.

Once we’ve captured the click, we will direct the visitor to landing pages with a unique Call-to-Action (CTA) to convert the visitor to a lead. From there, we cultivate the lead by educating them and inviting them to make contact with you. Our tools will know what pages on the website were of particular interest and help qualify them more acutely for when your sales team makes contact to move the lead towards a sale.

Search Advertising

Small businesses can’t afford to create demand for their services. The demand is already present. Demand capture helps you get in front of the current demand for your products and services. Zydeco Media creates a direct response strategy to capture this demand. Newspapers, local magazines, billboards and phone directories don’t attract or retain the attention they once did. Our attention spans are less than 10 seconds now. And, our competitors are advertising under our brand names.

Your website has the potential to convert an interested prospect into a loyal customer. This is where demand capture occurs. Your website will be engineered to drive specific behavior relevant to the message that attracted the visitor. Landing pages link to specific ads related to search terms with a call to action that converts to a catering order, reservation or an invitation to participate in a special offer. Google AdWords and Facebook Pay-Per-Click ads remain a powerful yet cost effective means for businesses to reach a highly targeted audience. The ads are success based, meaning that you pay by the click so the customer has taken the first step to express an interest in your business.

Top notch Support

Clients routinely speak to our responsiveness. We’re here to support your goals, whether they involve graphically designed collateral for an event or an advertising-driven marketing automation solution to fill the sales funnel

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Lead Generation


Search Advertising

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WordPress Development

WordPress is a very popular Content Management System. Businesses across the world are choosing this versatile and effective platform to build their company website. We can create your website to accomplish its mission and stand out from the crowd.

Magento and WooCommerce Development

Magento and WooCommerce are fast becoming the default E-Commerce platform for all but the largest global platforms used by the likes of We will develop your easy to navigate platform to maximize sales on either technology.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our team will work closely with you on your internal marketing strategy to increase the number of calls, emails and customer contact with your business to boost the number of conversions your website generates to your contact forms or checkout.

Google Services

We know that 93% of purchase decisions start with a search. That’s why we pride ourselves on our knowledge of Google AdWords, Analytics and WordMasters Tools. Understanding how users are finding your business and engaging with your website is crucial for website development and perfecting your online marketing campaigns.

Our Services


Strategy is all about achieving goals with limited resources and identifying differentiators and strengths of your business to yield a desired outcome. It’s about looking ahead by a dozen moves, anticipating competition and seizing upon business and technology trends.

Marketing Automation

Turn your website into a passive, lead generating and cultivating machine. Website visitors become leads. Leads become informed prospects. Informed prospects become qualified buyers. Qualified buyers become customers. Zydeco Media and technology does the work.

Creative Design

We cover a wide range of creative design capabilities including logo design, defining brand guidelines, graphic and digital art, photography, print collateral and, for brands that need it, redesign services.

Web Design

Your website can be much more than a storefront. It can become a powerful, passive lead generation tool to create new revenue opportunities for your business as part of an integrated marketing strategy. User experience and outcomes dominate our design approach.


Expand your “brick and mortar” sales to the digital domain with mobile optimized, PCI-compliant, secure and reliable E-Commerce design. We design with customer experience and outcomes top of mind to simplify the consumer’s buying experience.


We create and amplify your identity to drive engagement across multiple platforms to consistently tell your brand’s story. We intensely focus on where the rubber meets the road of your brands signal-to-noise ratio relative to your local competitors.

Search Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is the best way to create immediate leads within an aspirational target market. With a metrics-driven, geographically targeted search campaign, you can crush the competition with enticing ads that generate qualified leads.

Content Marketing

We create conversations that convert. Whether on your website or as a your voice to your fans on social media, we serve as your business’ publishing partner creating compelling content for your company on a daily basis.

Search Engine Optimization

The SEO practices we’ve heard about over the years have evolved due to constant changes in Google’s algorithms. Keywords and on-page optimization are crucial, but increased focus has been placed on user experience and the reality that mobile devices have come of age.


You’re busy running your business but you follow a fairly standard rule of thumb of 5% of sales to allocate to fund marketing. What is this investment doing for you? We employ tools to show you what our activity is producing because your ROI is important to us, too.

What you can count on from our team

Our Mission...

Dedicated to Delivering Results

The Zydeco Media team are online marketing experts that are dedicated to delivering our clients outstanding results. We only use ethical ‘white hat’ online marketing techniques to ensure our clients benefit from increased conversions, lead generation and sales for their business. The range of internet marketing services we offer are designed to deliver tangible results and an excellent ROI.

...your business goals...

Comprehensive Online Marketing Strategies

The Zydeco Media team is here to support you in the development of your business online. We create online marketing strategies that are customized to your business, so whether you want to generate leads for your business or push a particular range of products, our expert website marketing team is here to make it happen. We use the latest website optimization techniques to deliver results and cutting edge software to measure them – so you know exactly what’s generating revenue for your company.

...our creative thinking...

Outside of the Box Thinking

With an eye for detail and a talent for thinking differently, Zydeco Media will create a customized online marketing strategy that will increase revenue for your business. Consider all the ways one might target an audience, how visitors interact with your website or highlight strengths relative to your competition. At the end of the day, your website should be designed to minimize the distance it takes for your customers to make a purchase (including how to get them there in the first place).

...our undivided attention...

We're Dedicated to You

With years of experience and combined skills the Zydeco Media team can help with everything from online marketing support, advice about offline marketing activities, website issues and enhancing your brand online. We’re here to drive your online business forward and will do as much as possible to make it happen. Scroll down and take a look at our portfolio for a glimpse of what we’ve achieved for some of our clients.

...our client-centric philosphy.

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Our work

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Tripp Payne Zydeco Media

Tripp Payne

Co-Founder & President

A proud Texas Longhorn, father of two awesome young adults, veteran corporate business development and sales leader and two time entrepreneur.

Debi Stack Zydeco Media

Debi Stack

Co-Founder & Partner

Consulting gigs at AT&T and Dell, chasing around two incredible grandkids and a long tenure in the telecom industry. Debi holds an MBA from Baylor.

Kelly Spear Zydeco Media

Kelly Spear

Creative Director

When not crafting client-focused content, she keeps busy cheering on her favorite New Orleans sports teams. Kelly holds an MBA from Loyola University New Orleans.

Laura Kuhn Zydeco Media

Laura Kuhn

Graphic Designer

A New Orleans-based creative writer, graphic designer and painter, Laura is our graphic design partner. Her intricate work has graced many of our client projects.

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