Team Zydeco Media.

We are business professionals first and foremost, maximizing client-centric thinking. We understand your investment with us must produce a positive return.

Founded in 2011 by Tripp Payne and Debi Stack, our business plan set out to provide social media management services to small businesses in a leveraged delivery model. We found our niche in the highly competitive local, independent restaurant industry in Dallas, TX and New Orleans, LA. We’ve had the honor to work with a number of iconic brands in both markets.

Over time, our portfolio of capabilities have grown and our clientele now includes professional services, hospitality, non-profits and financial services. As technology has evolved we are helping clients produce a return on investment using a strategically optimized mix of services to meet their financial goals.

Whether launching or recasting a brand, building a new customer base or telling your brand’s story, strong business principles are applied in our methodology to yield the intended outcome. We work with a team of creatives, designers and programmers and guide their activities towards measurable results for YOUR business.

Our Team Members

Tripp Payne
Tripp PaynePresident & Co-founder
Debi Stack
Debi StackConsultant & Co-founder
Kelly Spear
Kelly SpearCreative Director