Digital marketing expertise from a comprehensive Services portfolio.

Online Marketing Strategy

Strategy is all about achieving goals with limited resources and identifying differentiators and strengths of your business to yield a desired outcome. It’s about looking ahead by a dozen moves, anticipating competition and seizing upon business and technology trends.

Branding Design

We cover a wide range of creative design capabilities including logo design, brand guidelines, graphic and digital art, photography, print collateral and, for brands that need it, redesign services.

Website Design

Your website can be much more than a storefront. It can become a powerful, passive lead generation tool to create new revenue opportunities for your business as part of an integrated marketing strategy. User experience and outcomes dominate our design approach.

Content Marketing / Social Media Management

We create conversations that convert. Whether on your website or as a your voice to your fans on social media, we serve as your business’ publishing partner creating compelling content for your company to tell your story.

Search / Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is the best way to create immediate leads within an aspirational target market. With a metrics-driven, geographically targeted search campaign, you can crush the competition with enticing ads that generate qualified leads.

Search Engine Optimization

The SEO practices we’ve heard about over the years have evolved due to constant changes in Google’s algorithms. Keywords and on-page optimization are crucial, but increased focus has been placed on user experience and the reality that mobile devices have come of age.

Marketing Automation

Turn your website into a passive, lead generating and cultivating machine. Website visitors become leads. Leads become informed prospects. Informed prospects become qualified buyers. Qualified buyers become customers. Zydeco Media and technology does the work.


Expand your “brick and mortar” sales to the digital domain with mobile optimized, PCI-compliant, secure and reliable E-Commerce design. We design with customer experience and outcomes top of mind to simplify the consumer’s buying experience.


You’re busy running your business but you follow a fairly standard rule of thumb of 5% of sales to allocate to fund marketing. What is this investment doing for you? We employ tools to show you what our activity is producing because your ROI is important to us, too.